The Professional Salt, Gritting & Snow Clearance Service for Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire & Birmingham

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Our dedicated, professional team is here to tailor a service to suit your individual needs.
We closely monitor postcode-specific weather forecasts for our clients throughout the winter months. We then advise you if adverse weather is on it’s way. You decide when you want to be gritted. You are always in control.

Gritting is carried out overnight to ensure that surfaces are in a safe condition when morning arrives. When forecasts predict frost or snow, our clearing equipment is immediately placed on standby, ready to be called into action should you require assistance. Our service runs from 1st November to 31st March.

AA Salt’s comprehensive service includes:

  • Gritting

- Business parks, retail parks, car parks and private roads
- Provide forecast
- The supply of salt
- Manual gritting of paths, stairs, entrances and fire exits as required
- See gritting procedures & method for more details on how & when grit works     MORE >

  • Grit bin supply and filling
  • Weather forecasting
  • Snow ploughing
  • Water softener granules and tablets


AA Salt provide a cost-effective solution to meet your budgetary needs. We supply our services on either a pay-as-you-go or on a monthly retainer basis. Please contact us for more information.